Anna Mudeka

Originally from Harare in Zimbabwe, Anna Mudeka is a musician, performer, producer, dancer, teacher, festival organiser, theatre practitioner… 



Touring Spring and Autumn 2019

Anna Mudeka was supported by Arts Council England to develop a one-woman theatre piece entitled Kure Kure Faraway, co-commissioned by Norwich Arts Centre and supported by Norfolk Arts Services.

Arts La’Olam is very proud to be producing and Anna has worked extremely hard with scriptwriter Belona Greenwood and theatre director David Farmer as well as film maker Simon Bright, lighting directors, costume designers, choreographers, video artists, audio directors, and sound engineers.

Kure Kure Faraway was presented on November 21st at Norwich Arts Centre to an invited audience including arts-professionals (theatre programmers & curators) and African community leaders from the Eastern region for preview in preparation for touring in 2019. The show includes spoken word, projected visuals, song, music and dance by Anna Mudeka and 10 associated professional artists and 6 work experience students.

Kure Kure Faraway addresses issues and challenges surrounding identity faced by international communities in the UK. Anna shares information on ancestral beliefs and rich heritages. The show is a thought provoking exploration of modern times and ancient traditions.

We are touring during Spring (June) and Autumn (September-November) 2019.

Please contact for more details.

Photo Credits: Gideon Graylyons and Adam Maizey