Ballet Nimba

Ballet Nimba is a performing arts company specialising in traditional African dance. Combining beautiful musical and dance forms, they provide performances which are renowned for their striking individuality, resonant memorability and cultural significance.

Founded by the irrepressible Idrissa Camara of Guinea in 2010, Idrissa's innovative ideas have taken the UK by storm and with his direction, Ballet Nimba has combined traditional dance roots with dynamic young performers and an original musical score. Featuring the rare talents of Fulani Flute, Bolon Bata players from Guinea, an Ngoni player from Cote d’Ivoire, soaring vocals and percussion on Djembe, Doundouns, Kirin and Wassaoumba, the audience are treated by some of West Africa’s most outstanding percussionists.

They are a versatile company and deliver shows and educational workshops to people of all ages across the UK and internationally.

Ballet Nimba filmed live at the Festival Complet Mandingue, France.

A film by Idrissa Camara founder of Ballet Nimba, on location in Guinee Conakry

Film documenting Womad's educational project with inspirational high-energy African dance and music ensemble Ballet Nimba.