Dizzylez; Words Swinger and Man of Many Hats. 

Live-loop-music-master, fresh MC, slam champion, spoken word workshop athlete, and poetry-music events initiator...

After "Un, deux" a refreshing and bold slam, piano and spoken word first album, and "Aux Anges"  (For the Angels), Mister Triple "Z" is still pretty hot on stage, and will come back on wax soon.

Dizzylez is a Poet and MC from Avignon, France. 

Supporting local poets and musicians he is the creator of 'Slam n Jam' nights, spoken-word open mic sessions, and has hosted them regularly since 2007.

Dizzylez travels Europe for performances and workshops, he is the 2009 Winner of the 'European Poetry Slam days' competition in Berlin. 

Live performer in over 500 gigs, Dizzylez is growing his international reputation fast. 

Author and co-composer of two albums 'Un, deux' (2011), 'Aux anges' (2014)...among many collaborations including the underground acclaimed “Vinyl Noise” (2006), the funky hip-hop joint “Instinct d'insectes” (2011) with musicians from Québec, and the Pop-Balkanic “Voir Loin” (2016).

"Vas-y Piano !" (piano/slam/spoken word)

Images de Clément Puig titre extrait de "Aux anges"