Zimbabwean Linos Wengara is a musician, singer, dancer and Mbira and Marimba instrument maker. He plays Mbira, used in Shona spiritual healing ceremonies to call upon the spirits through ancient songs delivered through generations.

Linos came to England in 1997 and established UK based Zimbaremabwe band who have performed with Chartwell Dutiro, The Wailers, Thomas Mapfumo and on stages such as Glastonbury, The Barbican and The Africa Centre, London. They were also featured as a showcase project by BBC Brighton.

With his roots firmly in the spiritual values of traditional Zimbabwean culture, he works to share a positive image of this culture with all people. 

Linos is available for bookings with a small acoustic ensemble playing traditional Mbira, drumming and percussion and also with a full six-piece band playing Mbira Reggae and Redemption Sound Reggae DJs playing roots to modern Reggae.

Linos Wengara is a cultural educator,  providing workshops and courses in traditional and Modern Zimbabwean Arts:

Mbira tuition: Teaching Mbira on an individual basis or in groups, and teach for institutions such as SOAS university, London. Linos has published a course (a book + audio CD) for Mbira students containing 11 songs.

Education & Festival Workshops: Ngoma drumming, Zimbabwean dance, and Marimba.


Linos Wengara Magaya performing live on radio in Brighton.

This song is saying, "We are tired of living in the bush. The song is dedicated to people all over the world who get stuck living somewhere that is not their real home. But they have to remain because they are too poor to be able to leave and travel to where they belong.
This song is saying, "Remove your shoes, we need to start the spiritual ceremony (Bira). You should remove your shoes in respect to all natural spirits, from ancestral spirits to the Father Yahweh. Also, don't put on artificial lotions etc that make you smell unnatural.