Mariachi Las Adelitas

 The ‘Adelitas’ were brave Mexican women who took to arms in the Mexican revolution either accompanying their husbands or rebelling against the many injustices of the time.

For one such woman, Adelita, a famous ‘corrido’ about the revolution was written, but has now come to symbolise all of these fearless warrior women.

Hailing from all corners of Latin America each member of the only all-female mariachi band in Europe is a fantastic instrumentalist in her own right, and there are no less than three lead vocalists in the group.

A 6-piece band which can expand to a 10 piece or play in smaller groups if required.  Tight vocal harmonies and years of musical experience in the mariachi style, they also sound great! 

Available to play traditional Mexican serenades, at festivals, cultural events and absolutely any kind of celebration, all of the mariachi classics are included in their repertoire, with beautiful arrangements of well-known songs as well as lesser-known but authentic and irresistible arrangements of regional styles.

Instruments in the band are Guitar, Vihuela (a small Mexican percussive guitar, Guitarron (a very large Mexican bass guitar, played in octaves to double the volume of the sound), trumpets and violins.

Mariarchi Las Adelitas are the chosen band to represent Mexican culture for the Independence day celebrations hosted by the Mexican embassy, and have been invited to play at a prestigious festival in Los Angeles next year, home of many great mariachi ensembles.