Mim Suleiman

Vocalist, Songwriter, Performer, Composer, Musician, Arranger, Producer, Workshop facilitator Mim Suleiman has been described as Mama Africa of the Modern Era.

Mim Suleiman revels in her East African vocals and percussion traditions. A fiery singer who never fails to indulge her audience! A versatile vocalist and vibrant performer, gifted with a charismatic and ecstatic personality. Mim sings her lyrics in both her native Swahili and English, with detours into Fula, but no matter what tongue she chooses, it’s always delivered with a big heart. 

Born in Zanzibar,  Mim Sulieman has made a name for herself on the Afro-beat stages of the world. Tungi is Mim Suleiman’s debut full-length, presenting original songs in her native tongue, Swahili. Tungi is a mixture of ultramodern Afro beat, rhythm trax and futuristic pop music. Suleiman’s amazing voice and her sonorous Swahili vocals are at the heart of this album, her second solo album, Umbeya, is in production.

A Real World recorded artist who has recorded with Maurice Fulton, Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara, Rafiki Jazz, Bare Knuckle Soul and Zanzibar most leading Taarab jazz band SAFAR.

Mim leads workshops which include finding your voice, performing, singing, songwriting, and storytelling.  She has facilitated participatory workshops at festivals, universities, schools, colleges and variety of community projects throughout the UK and abroad.

Mim is also writing an Anecdote recipe book, featuring dishes of her Zanzibar cultural heritage, influenced by her upbringing.

As far as we know, this is the last footage of Bi Kidude before she passed away, recorded here with Mim Suleiman, at the home of her nephew Baraka. www.screenstation.net/bi-kidude