Samia Malik

Samia’s dynamic, evolving working practice encompasses music, visual art and education. Hailed as a 'powerful new voice', Samia Malik's 'uncompromising' yet 'hauntingly beautiful' lyrics weave tabla, violin, tanpura, keyboards, bass, and flute into mesmerizing music.

Writing from her perspective as a British Asian woman from a Pakistani/Muslim background, Samia extends and subverts the traditional Urdu Ghazal form to tackle contemporary issues ranging from revolution to race to love to liberation to sexual politics to child abuse to Bollywood: Samia's is a 'personal and yet universal' voice of our times, a courageous, inspirational and beautiful fusion of musical styles and languages.

Samia has collaborated with 'Sitarist to the Stars' Baluji Shrivastav and her international performances include a 15 date tour of the major cities of India with the celebrated danseuse and activist Mallika Sarabhai. 

After releasing two warmly reviewed CDs of original songs in Urdu and English, based on the Ghazal form (‘The Colour of The Heart’ and ‘Jaago – Wake Up’),  Samia moved into the more universal language of visual art. Now combining live performances and highly successful and accessible vocal workshops with projections, translations and visual art, Samia’s work has enthralled audiences from the UK and India and continues to ask challenging and important questions about our common humanity.

Samia Malik - Raat Meh, with the dancing of Anne Tiburtius


Samia Malik - Anti-clockwise