sefo kanuteh

Sefo Kanuteh and his exquisite versatile skills spanning the kora, balafon and singing are creating waves among the UK’s vibrant Mande music scene; stemming from the Mande heartland of West Africa. In 2011 Sefo relocated to the UK and quickly founded his popular performance groups ‘Meriya Band’.

He specialises in playing the kora, a sweet sounding African harp and also a xylophone called the balafon. Both instruments are core sounds of Mande griot music along with the ngoni.

Over the last decade in the UK, the kora has become increasingly popular as a ‘stand-alone’ instrument within the world music industry, the instrument is enjoying attention as lends itself so well to fusion with other genres of music. In what may appear to be a flooded scene, Sefo’s skills and experience certainly place him in his own unique category as he explores sounds such as Latin, reggae, jazz and blues.

Sefu Kanuteh performs "Sabarry" at the Harlequin Fayre

Sefo Kanuteh, live at Norwich Arts Centre.

Sefo Kanuteh singing 'Din Ding Olu' with his band 'Meriya', comprising Adam Clark on Guitar and Jesse Barrett on Drums.